Parklands Recovery Group unites an earthquake response by affected parties within the greater Parklands: Tumara Park, Forest Park, Parklands, Queenspark and Travis Country, within Burwood-Pegasus ward of Christchurch city council area of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our particular concern is reinstatement of East Christchurch value, post-quake, which is extensive and diverse – including environmental. The proposed Burwood Resource Recovery Park is a “risky venture” that requires clear and determined community moderation. A meeting on 4 December 2011 for preparing residents’ responses to BRRP founded the Parklands Recovery Group.

Your participation in Parklands Recovery Group or enquiries are warmly invited.

N.B. A new round of earthquakes on 23 Dec 2011 led to formation of Parklands Red-zone Action Group / Parklands Review Action Group.